Fall/Winter 17

Take A Bow Slide


Violets For Your Fur

Part II

For Fabrizio Viti, this season is hopelessly romantic. Transporting the nest and most wearable codes in luxury women’s footwear deep into a world where love strikes at first sight and to hell with the consequences ,Viti applies his rich repertoire of ultra- modern materials, warm colors, exuberant shapes and whimsical design details – in doing so, creating something new and unexpected, yet timeless and comforting. The resulting collection of pumps, boots, ballerinas, heeled loafers and stilettos offers a sophisticated collision of worlds, in which ‘perfect’ matches are avoided and clashes embraced – expressing the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of the modern woman.  Think Billie Holiday singing Violets for Your Furs: the raw emotion of her vocals adding depth and a stubborn heart to the lush orchestration.